Our production

Our production tool

Our production site is located in Maroilles, a small town famous for its cheese with the same name. The production site is expanded on more than 3900m2.

Built following the european standards in 1997, the production tool follows the principle of moving forward.

In 2009, to answer to the growing demand, the tool has been reorganised and extended. After that we obtained due to this reorganization the IFS certification (International Featured Standard) since October 2011.

The volume of our production tool permit us to reorganise the production line without constraint according to the demand.

The company is familial which means that the decision are taken quickly, that also means a great flexibility and responsiveness for the good of our suppliers and customers. 


Our production tool

Defroidmont Brand

There are more than 40 referenced products under the brand DEFROIDMONT from fresh to frozen products but also from appetizer to dessert.

Our production is 100% French and  more than 80% of our ingredients are locally grown. In this way we preserve the terroir and we adapt our production to the current consumption patterns.

Our recipies are uniques, our dough is hand rolled and garnished and each step of the production is made with rigor in order to garanty the best quality and the satisfaction of our consumers.


We adapt our products for each customer:

- For the mass-market retailing with which we already have several partnerships, our product can be sold under our brand DEFROIDMONT but can also be adapted and labelled with your own brand according to your needs (private label). For example we have already created a cheese tart for Reflet de France and a sugar tart for Thiriet.


-For the catering, our products can easily be integrated in a restaurant menu or served during events. We offer a special product line for the catering professional with adapted conditioning.


- For the consumer we directly propose our products via this website, it is also possible to buy our product in the store next to our production site and to finish our product can be found in a lot of French supermarkets.


Defroidmont Brand

Our differents labels


Saveurs en'Or


DEFROIDMONT joins since 2004 the Saveurs en'Or initiative, a collective brand which promote the Northern people know-how and the quality food product from Nord Pas de Calais.

A company which want to be part of this initiative must :

-  Have a production site in the North region ( Nord Pas de Calais or Picardie)

-  Use a majority of local ingredients if indeed they exist in good and enough quantity and quality.

- Be validated by a panel of trained consumers in terms of taste,colour and texture.

- Be controled once a year by a certified organization.




DEFROIDMONT follows the European standards since 1997 and obtained since October 2011 the IFS certification (International Featured Standard).

The IFS is a reference table for audits which helps to control the quality, security, best practices and legislation applied during the process but also the quality management and other critical control points.

This reference table contains 325 specific points which have to be controlled regularly.

Having the IFS certification for a food industry is a great quality sign.



Organic Agriculture


 In 2009, DEFROIDMONT decided to begin a reflexion on organic agriculture and asked to the certification body Ecocert to obtain the french organic label AB for a specific range of products.

Obtained under the number FR-BIO-01, The flamiche au Maroilles Bio, the goat cheese pie Bio, the sugar tart Bio, the old-style apple pie Bio  quicly took place into shelf spaces.

The Bio logos (European and AB) shows that the products are 100% Bio or contain at least 95% of agricultural products in the case of manufactured products, if the last part isn't available in Bio and is authorized.

Again, an independant, impartial and competent certification body controls regularly the adequation of the enterprise to the european standards EN 45011.





A large number of cheese used for DEFROIDMONT products are PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) cheeses.

The Protected Designation of Origin exists to preserve the cultural and gastronomic heritage of different regions. This a guarantee of Origin and typicality.


Our differents labels