Jean-Luc Defroidmont is retiring after 44 years of service

Jean-Luc Defroidmont is retiring after 44 years of service


By S. Belloumi

This Saturday 31st will mark the first day of the rest of his life. After 44 years of service in the family business, Jean-Luc Defroidmont is preparing to retire. A page is being turned in the country of the Flamiche. 



From now on, it will be Sunday everyday for Jean-Luc Defroidmont and there will never be Mondays anymore. Retirement has arrived for the 60 year-old man who leaves the family business with a sense of accomplished duty. It is not surprising when we spent 44 years. From its first day to paint the patisserie workshop, he didn’t forget anything. He was 16 years old and probably didn’t know he would stay for his entire career: at the warm patisserie, in the cold room and then as a sales representative to end up a buyer. Jean-Luc Defroidmont didn’t had the time to be bored. So of course, there are a lot of memories: “When we left Felleries to move to Maroilles, it was something but it was a step to cross!” For many years, Jean-Luc Defroidmont was in charge of developing the home delivery service and the confection of the catalogue. 

Maybe I will get back in the fishery… And I will be able to take care of my grand-children! 

If some are afraid of retirement, it seems to not be the case for Jean-Luc Defroidmont. « I’m going to have more free time. I have always privileged my career. Maybe I will get back to the fishery…And I will be able to take care of my grand-children! ». And when we ask him if he will spend more time at the city hall of Sémeries, village where he is the mayor, Jean-Luc Defroidmont has already his answer: « I have already informed my assistants that I won’t come more often as usual. It works perfectly that way. » . However he admits that he will have more time for the citizens and the afternoon meetings because « it’s a retiree’s thing! ».

But it’s not because he leaves the company that he will never come back. “I will come back from time to time, but not too often!” he smiles. A statement regarding the invitation of his brother Patrick who encouraged him to « come be back whenever he wants ».  Jean-Luc Defroidmont leaves with a serene spirit as he knows that the company is in good hands: « It’s a nice tool, don’t be afraid to break codes, innovate and try without forgetting where you come from! » he said to the staff member who came to his farewell pot.