Defroidmont celebrates its 90th birthday

Defroidmont celebrates its 90th birthday

Article published in the « Communauté de Communes du Pays de Mormal » newspaper – december 2016


Set up in the 3900 m2 Avesnois typical architecture buildings combining brick and blue stone, Defroidmont produces many dishes mainly thanks to Terroir products. Naturally, the heart of the range focuses around our well-known Maroilles cheese but not only.

The company is the leader in transforming cheeses in high-range local specialities such as flamiches, mini brioches appetizers but also tarts with Brie de Meaux, Camembert, Reblochon, Cantal… with requirement that its products  entitle Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)

Overhall, 90% of the products proposed is linked to cheese but the range also includes other traditional recipes such as brown sugar and vergeoise tart. The company benefits since 2014 from the « Saveurs en Or » brand for its regional recipes which is a guarantee of quality and short channels for its raw materials supply.


An expertise carried for 90 years and 4 generations


Neither a craftsman or an industrialist, the company produces its products thanks to traditional recipes and a pastry chef expertise passed down from generation to generation. The employees of the production line execute manually yeast dough at garnishing.

The regional ingredients are privileged such as free range eggs, flour from Pévèle, butter from Petit Fayt… for authentic and gastronomic creations.


Innovate in tradition


Because innovation and tradition are not incompatible, Defroidmont keeps developing its range of products with 70 recipes. Following the Organic Range proposed since 2008, a lot of new creations emerge regularly to meet the expectations and new ways of consumption of the customers such as soft hearts of Maroilles, mini Maroilles and lardons muffins. 


For its business travels on our land, the company innovates with the acquisition in 2012 of 3 electric cars manufactured in Maubeuge and respectful of the environment. Once again an innovation which rimes with tradition as in 1926, in the region of Liège, Defroidmont was delivering its clients in horse-drawn carriage!



Products commercialized everywhere in France


The Defroidmont products are sold accross France and Europe under various brands such as Defroidmont, Les Gustatives, La Maroillaise… You will also find them at the fresh, caterer and freezer departments of Small and Medium Enterprises and Freezer Center specialized channels. With the home delivery service, Defroidmont proposes more than 700 products from appetizer to dessert at home within’ a distance of 50 km around Maroilles. You can also order directly online on the website for shipments accross France.



Picture comment: Created in 1926 and set up in Maroilles since 1997, the family business regales us for 4 generations with traditional recipes and products from the Terroir. Its slogan “Our lands have talent” says a lot about the philosophy of the Defroidmont family who is attached to the French culinary heritage!